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Hello, you will find here the projects I worked on and some resources I share.

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My (more or less) released work. Games/Apps.


Steredenn is a frenetic and chaotic space shooter, carved in big beautiful pixels, with insane boss battles for PC (Steam), Xbox One and PlaySTation 4.


The Shmupfest is a procedural shoot them up made for the Stunfest 2014 festival.

BulletML for Unity

BulletML for Unity, a Unity plugin, is a simple and powerful wrapper around BulletML.


Another rough Unity prototype of a local multiplayer platformer fight.

Pix Puzzle

PixPuzzle is a simple “connect the dots” game in a grid and with the addition of color.

Bunny Splash

A rough Unity prototype of a local multiplayer platformer fight.

George le pirate

George is a short game created to illustrate the use of the LeapMotion and presented at the Stunfest 2013 (an event at Rennes, France).

Culturez-Vous !

Culturez-Vous ! was an application for Windows Phone 7, that was providing one old or unused french word everyday.

We had to remove it from the market due to our lack of time to update it but from May 2012 to Feb 2013 we had about 10.000 downloads.

Rabbit Apocalype!

Rabbit Apocalypse! is a short, simple and quite bugguy homemade 2D platformer with random level creation.

The Great Paper Adventure

The Great Paper Adventure is a funny papered 2D shoot-them-up made with XNA. It was released on PC during Decembre 2012 and on Xbox during June 2011.


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