PixPuzzle is a simple “connect the dots” game in a grid and with the addition of color.

It takes an image as a source and generate a puzzle from it. The player has to fill all the grid to complete the level and unlock a new image.

Project state

This project is not under development anymore, as I am not using Xamarin for now.

Plus, I don’t want to just make and sell a copy of an existing game. I tried to add some features like “take a picture -> generate a puzzle from it” but I wasn’t convinced with the result.

Apart from that, the game is pretty functionnal (but not optimized at all and with some render issues).

Technical side

This project is made with Xamarin and target iOS devices (mainly iPads).

Windows Phone?

It used to work on iOS and Windows Phone, but the Windows Phone project hasn’t been updated for a while. But still, with few modifications the game should be working again.