The Great Paper Adventure is a funny papered 2D shoot-them-up made with XNA. It was released on PC during Decembre 2012 and on Xbox during June 2011.

The team

  • Valryon (Damien Mayance): Project leader, main developer
  • Lapinou (Thibault Person): 2D “Graphist”, developer
  • Aymarick (Aymeric De Abreu): iOS version developer
  • Ashen (Matthieu Oger): Website developper

Special thanks to:

  • Minishlink (Louis Lagrange): additionnal developer
  • Spintronic: chiptune composer
  • Semoule (Anaïs Noblanc): support, tests and cooking
  • Yaki (Gabriel Corbel): tests




Original Sound Track

By Spintronic. Get it or listen to it online on his website.

The Great Paper Artbook

Original drawings by Thibault Person for the game.

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