I participated to the 2014 “One Game a Month” challenge to enhance my game design and game developer skills.

For January, the theme was Respawn.

Here’s my production. It’s still rough, graphics are ripped from a pack and an older project, there is no end… but it’s kinda fun!

It has been made in 2 full days.

It was made with Unity3D using all the new 2D features.

The game


Click on any image to play (Unity3D).


The idea comes from a citation:

"Falling Coconuts Kill More People Than Shark Attacks"
George Burgess

An evil coconut has decided to eradicate humans from the earth by killing them one by one.

It’s you! And you have 60 sec to kill as many things as possible!


  • SPACEBAR to fall
  • SPACEBAR to use slow-motion
  • ARROWS to move the coconut!


  • Graphics ripped from George
  • Additionnal graphics from Kenney Platform Pack.
  • Music by Isak Martinsson


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